What is Culturae?

Culturae is a private, membership-based networking platform that connects creative experts to a variety of companies with equitable projects and opportunities. Culturae is a product of Super Keen, a brand strategy + design studio founded in 2021 by Gabby Lord and Lauren Wong.

Who is Culturae for?

Culturae is for experienced creative experts in the design and branding industries. This includes copywriters, motion designers, brand strategists, and more. Ideal candidates have at least five years of experience in their area of expertise, have at least two years of experience managing projects or clients, and are committed to supporting an inclusive, open-minded, and collaborative environment.

What kinds of membership does Culturae offer?

Culturae currently offers two kinds of membership. Expert Membership is available to individuals working in the creative services sector (e.g. graphic designers, copywriters, brand strategists, etc.). Company Membership is available to organizations planning to request creative experts for project-based opportunities.

How much does Culturae membership cost?

Annual Expert Membership is currently $200 USD. Annual Company Membership starts at $2,000 USD per seat.

What are the benefits of Culturae membership?

Expert Members gain access to smarter profile pages that showcase their work, and heightened visibility to a vetted group of organizations. Company Members gain access to advanced features that make finding the right collaborator faster and easier.

When is Culturae’s open call for new Expert applications?

Culturae hosts Expert Member open call cycles twice a year: in the spring and in the fall. All applicants receive decision notifications within two weeks of each cycle’s deadline. Culturae does not accept Expert Member applications on a rolling basis.

What does Culturae’s selection process look like?

Culturae’s selection process for Expert Membership occurs twice a year. Two selection committee judges are assigned at random to evaluate each candidate’s application. Once both judges have reviewed the applications, the entire selection committee convenes to deliberate on all of the applications together.

Culturae’s selection process for Company Membership occurs on a rolling case-by-case basis. Two selection committee judges are assigned to independently review each application before a final decision is reached.

When will I know if my application was accepted?

Candidates applying for Expert Membership will be notified within two weeks of Culturae’s biannual submission deadlines. Applicants who have not received a decision in this time are encouraged to contact our team at hello@culturaelabs.com.

Candidates applying for Company Membership will be placed on a waitlist after completing their application. Culturae’s team will then process the request and provide a decision within two months of their submission date.

How does Culturae keep my data protected?

Culturae believes that data protection is critical to creating an equitable platform. Culturae will never sell a user’s data to third parties or advertisers without explicit user consent. For more information, see our Privacy Policy.

Why do I have to agree to Culturae's Code of Conduct?

Culturae is committed to establishing a safe and productive environment for everyone in the network. To achieve this, the platform requires all participating members to accept, embody, and champion a core set of beliefs outlined in our Code of Conduct.