Applying to Culturae

Our virtual network is designed to optimize discovery between creative experts and equitable companies seeking their services. Members gain access to customizable profile pages, a robust search and filter engine, and other unique functionalities specific to the platform. The Culturae network isn’t for everyone, so please take a moment to review our offerings below.

Expert Membership


  • You have at least five years of experience in your primary area of creative expertise, within the industries of brand and design

  • You have at least two years of experience independently managing client work in a freelance, contract, or employee-based capacity

  • You are over 18 years old


  • You gain access to smarter profile pages that showcase your work

  • You gain heightened visibility to a vetted group of organizations who focus on equitable opportunities


  • Two selection committee judges will be assigned at random to evaluate your application

  • Once both judges have approved your application, the entire selection committee convenes to deliberate on all of the applications together


  • The standard cost of Expert Membership is $200 USD per year

  • Eligible candidates who are unable to cover the cost of membership can qualify for discounted or fully-waived membership on a case-by-case basis

Company Membership


  • Your company has already been incorporated (e.g. LLC, C-CORP, S Corp, B Corp)

  • Your company has a dedicated budget for creative projects with creative experts

  • You are a resident of the US and over 18 years old


  • You gain access to a carefully vetted network of experienced creative experts within the industries of brand and design

  • You gain access to intuitive features that make finding the right collaborator faster and easier


  • Culturae's selection process for Company Membership occurs on a rolling basis

  • Two selection committee judges are assigned to independently review each application before coming to a final decision


  • The standard cost of annual Company Membership begins at $2,000 USD per seat